Plant Genus

The family of five: Onion baby, Knightman, Lillyby, Leafy Seal, and Wish maker complete the silly family. The characters live within forest with special talents to share.



Medium: photoshop and illustrator

The poster is based on a New Yorker podcast called Disguised by Nathan Englander singer short story. My challenge was translated Jewish custom of wedding drape into connection to contemporary christian context. I wanted poster symbolic of wife set her husband free as a dove is set free from its cage. During the iteration process, I definitely played with color palette and composition of how the woman should be seen as.

The divergent .jpg

The Divergent 2017

Medium: Indesign, photoshop

The poster is based on a theatrical romantic comedy shows. The genres range in diverse story plots with sense of humor. I want the poster to tell a woman singing with a movie reel stream with the multiple icons rose, magician stick, and comedy mask within the film strips represent various types of movies. This poster intends to advertise the show with the showcase of the illustrative woman.

Chris Hamill

Medium: gouache

In my painting 3 class, the project was on a caricature of famous celebrity that has a story entailed. I want a concept of Chris Hamill, but I wanted him to hold a balloon of his young self to resonate with others about the ego people hold onto.

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hamill copy.jpg

Hate on Kim Jung Un

medium: watercolor and ink

The assignment was to fullfill a political or famous figure who is hated. The work I did was Kim Jung Un. I wanted the imagery to read as a cold hearted leader with heart out of his chest, nuke bomb tattoo on his torn off shirt to show off his regime, backdrop of communist symbol that reflects the government, and the smoke as ulimate background of North Korea stands by. This experimentation brought me to illustrate Kim Jung Un’s personality in a rough stylized way. Some what like Edward Gorey.


Sick Pill

Medium: gouache, photoshop, and indesign

For my Drawing and painting 1 class, I did painting based on the New York op ed article the Wrong pill can play with your mind by Jamie Lowe. I wanted to do a graphic shape of the pill and painted illustration within it as a design solution. As my solution I depicting the less obvious and more symbolic message, I showed the double sidedness of taking medication that works for others, but not for all.


Unknowing and knowing

Medium: acrylic and photoshop

The painting was based on The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe. The project was meant to learn about interpreting a still life object and personification of the raven as if it was powerful raging fire in context of unknowing smoke that represented the dead and knowing hand of man holding the lantern. This was as petrifying to the man who believing that woman, Lenore came back to have revenge on him.

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Lacy Gracie

Medium: etching

The assignment was to create work that was a portrait of myself. I wanted to add symbols that represented my beliefs, viewpoints, and religion all into a woman on a relic.

calendar cover.jpg

2019 Calendar

Medium: photoshop and Riso

I illustrated calendar cover for the illustration club that was based on sandwich and zodiac signs combined.

colorScan 21.jpg
santa ready give.jpg

Santa Off to Work

Medium: illustrator

Personal project of Christmas memories and cheer.

Safe or Save

Medium: transfer paper and acrylic

My painting divulges the truth of plastic consumption in relationship to environmental pollution. My current painting references the projected effects plastics will have on our ecosystem. The vernacular of the painting mentions imagery commonly seen in American advertising for example the plastic bottle displayed within an idyllic setting. The toned palette of black, greys, and limited color palette denotes the devastating effects the petroleum industry has imbued onto our planet.